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What can I say other than a warm welcome is always available to you. Shirley works tirelessly to ensure that the sessions are met with respect for all. An a experience not to be missed �

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 This was sent to me by a gentleman and writer. 
I came across the above word whilst I was reading an article in the Psychic World newspaper. I realised that although I had often seen the word used. I did not know the meaning of the word, and so I looked it up in the dictionary. It says, serendipity---- The faculty of making fortunate and unexpected discoveries by accident. 
 On reading this I found that the word stayed in my mind for some considerable time and I wondered why this should be and so on further consideration I thought it could be, that the word serendipity is meant to be used as the title for my next article, and so going along with this thought. I have adopted my usual practice of typing the title first and seeing where my inspiration takes me. 
    Having re-read the definition, the first thing that occurs to me is that unexpected discoveries are not always fortunate and can sometimes be the exact opposite. But of course allowing for the fact that that what one person will see as a fortunate discovery; another will see as a rather unwelcome piece of information. We have to remember that our first reaction to any given circumstance is not always the best or wisest one, and sometimes we have second thoughts on our first reaction. This reminds me of the well know saying that it is easy to be wise in hind- sight. This is because at the time of the new discovery we very often do not have all the facts and as a result, we cannot make a well informed judgement on the matter in hand, until further information is available.
    The next part of the dictionary definition where the word unexpected is used I can fully understand, because irrespective as to weather the occurrence is considered to be fortunate, or the opposite, is of no consequence, because it was undoubtedly not in their mind up until it was discovered and so it must have been unexpected.
    It is the final part of the definition where it uses the words by accident that causes me some concern, because I am reminded of the words of Silver Birch who always maintains that nothing happens by accident and that there is always a cause for everything that happens in our universe. He goes on to say that each cause has an effect.
   The scientific fraternity also state that the law of cause and effect is the basic law of all that is to be found in our universe.
This means that the definition of serendipity as stated in the dictionary takes on a new meaning, because if we apply the law of cause and effect to what ever is discovered by a person; It must be the case that the discovery was caused by the recipient of the discovery having been inspired to take a certain course of action either physically or mentally. This means that it did not happen by chance and was certainly no accident, but was the result of a thought process.
    I have written on the subject of thought in one of my previous articles in our journal, as well as in my book entitled How I Became A Spiritualist. I explained that everything we humans do in our lives whether it is the many simple actions that we take or the very complicated things that we are attempting is always without exception preceded by, a thought. I have told on previous occasions how I am inspired to write my column each quarter for our journal.
  It is usually because of a thought that comes into my mind, which I am with the help of our friends in spirit able to act on. I call that inspirational writing, but some people might call it SENRENDIPITY.
Love and Light   Paul Shave.

Thank you for a lovely evening Shirley....both Gail and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves....feeling blessed....xxxx
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