Serendipity..........A New Spiritual Centre in the heart of Lytham.St.Annes, held within the Pensioners Hall.

Whether it is to look for comfort from the Mediumship Demonstration Evenings or to be among like-minded people with the same beliefs. A warm welcome awaits each and everyone of you. We will hold a weekly demonstration of Clairvoyance on Friday Evenings and the door charge will be £3.00. There will be a different Medium every week and Healing will be available at the start of the  evening from 6.40pm We will also hold an open circle for anyone who would like to try out their psychic & Spiritutal ability (in training or not) You will be welcome to have a go. refreshments included in the price.       £1.00 Strip for Good Raffle Prizes available.
If you want to gain more knowledge of Spiritualism, you can join our Awareness Classes, or you can choose to develop your Mediumship and connect closer to your guides.

*Trance Nights. We will have the occasional Trance Night booking if people wish to see this ... at the same door charge.

Special Night will also be looked at if requested. 

*Fledgling Nights.. All Mediums have to start somewhere, so as part of their training, in safety and love, they are able to practice their links with their guides and give messages from the platform. These nights will also be advertised and I hope that you will attend and support these training mediums. Door charge on these nights will be  also £3.00 with raffle and refreshments.

Our workshops and courses will cover many aspects (as requested by you.) Dates & prices will be announced.

Opening and Closing Prayers will be said as is usual.

Children welcome


Disclaimer for Evenings of Mediumship:

You have paid to witness a Demonstration of Mediumship This demonstration is a form of experiment; no claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. You are not guaranteed a personal message. You may see or hear things which you may not have experienced before. If any of you feel you may be vulnerable you should leave now and your entrance fee will be refunded.