My name is Shirley Wakefield. I have always grown up with a dog in my home. I have had Mongrels and Pedigrees. The two I have now was rescued and brought back from Spain when we returned 2 yrs ago.
I am a Animal Reiki Healer also I am a Spiritual person and have a Spiritual church in St Annes, 
But most importantly a dog and animal lover. 
I became ordained in May 2016 by the Universal Life Church. Why? ! 
I believe there is a not much to help grieving families and pet owners who have to undergo the loss of a pet. and there is a lack of ministry in this practice where pets are concerned,
Many as well as myself see our pets as a member of the family, and Id like to be there to help through the process of facing the terrible decision to put our fur babies to sleep. and to give them a truely loving service at the vets or after at home if they are to be buried in the garden or pet cemetary. 
Natures course.
This is impossible to know the time of passing but I would try my best to be there if possible But for both the family and animal final goodbyes and prayers can be said and your loved one will be prepared for transisiton. 
Put to Sleep
I will be there with you and a service can be arranged.
If you cant bear to be there I will be and your animal will not be left alone. I will will hold and talk explaining why you could not bear to see them go. I will do everything I can to keep them calm and help them not to be frightened.
Burials and Pet Cemetary Funerals. to hold the service and help you to make your service and private and personal to you. 
Always remember .Saying goodbye can be a memorable and beautiful experience.
If you wish to contact me my home phone is
01253 985859. 07716144075.
                                                                 NAMING SERVICES. FOR CATS & DOGS