Our Medium this Friday 1st Feb.7.30pm
 Serendipity. a truely Spiritual place. Warm, Friendly and approachable people will always welcome you . Here at Serendipity we welcome local Mediums but like to invite mediums from all over the UK, Allowing you to see the best there is, As I myself is relatively new to being a platform medium I like to be able to encourage those just starting to feel welcome and let them start their journey in a friendly centre.with no pressure. Today's fledglings are tomorrows mediums.We are not SNU but an Independant centre, run with the respect expected for Spirit,the Mediums and those that come and share the evening with us.We welcome all regardless of colour creed or background.You will find Healing is available before the service and a lovely social time after the evenings service to sit and talk and make good friends.
                                                                                               Our Guide Dog is Called Buddie. 
                                                           Pet Services.......Naming . Blessing of Ashes . Funerals.  free of charge.
                                                                       Our Next pet Blessing Service will be Friday Evening Oct 4th 2019